Welcome to Sim-Sim-Forest

We are looking for collaboration to develop user-friendly platform:
GIS Data + Forest Modeling + Google Earth = Interactive tool
Please contact us at: sim-sim-forest (-at-) hotmail.com
Wait while Google Earth plug-in starts up. If you don't have a plug-in, allow its installation.
Once you see the globe, you can click on buttons: "Display forest..." or "Display fires..." to upload the information.
You can click on "Visibility" button to remove the fire data to see the satellite imagery beneath it.

!! TIME BAR: click on the minus sign on the time bar several time to set the time resolution to years only without months.
You can change the year of visualization by scrolling with the time bar. To see one time period connect the left side of the time pointer to the main part.
NAVIGATION: Navigate with "page up/down" + arrows OR use the mouse. To see the slopes of the terrain properly, tilt the image by holding "shift" + "up/down arrows".